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The Rock Tee- Black



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There is a strong argument that you are not a true Canadian unless you have at leaste sat through a curling match or two. We Canadians are really really good at curling. The centre of this sport is the "rock" a heavy smooth piece of granit that is pushed down an icy surface for points - he with the most points wins.

for more information on the history of curling and the rock click here 


This tee features a great looking "Rock" graphic on a black tee in a tartan plaid pattern. Our Rock tee is an essential gift for any curler or 'True Canadian". Made with high quality inks that wash well and are printed by hand  


Made in Vancouver 

100% cotton 

Machine Washable 




Medium    130 pounds - 160 pounds 

 Large       160 pounds - 190 pounds 

X-Large     190 pounds - 220 pounds 


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